Sunday, 7 March 2010

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Spanish Capital Gains Tax Rebate may be possible on sales between 1997 & 2006

Spanish Capital Gains Tax Rebate may be possible on sales between 1997 & 2006

If you sold a property in Spain in the period between 1997 - 2006 a recent ruling may be a significant benefit to you.

You may be entitled to a Spanish Capital Gains Tax Rebate
                                    - BUT -
claims must be registered within 12 months of the ruling.

Between 1997 and the end of 2006 a UK citizen selling a Spanish property paid 35% CGT (Capital Gains Tax), but Spanish nationals paid only 15%!

The ECJ ruling confirmed legal arguments and states this overpayment contravenes European Community Treaty discrimination rules and confirm it should not have been charged by the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Therefore, you may be entitled to reclaim this overpayment, plus approx 6% interest annually from the moment you present your claim, subject to you meeting the requirements.

There is an estimated 90,000 people who could make a claim.

Make sure you don’t miss out;
claims must be registered within 12 months of the ruling!

BUT: Although time is of the essence, it is critical to make the claim in the right way;
"any cases that are rejected for whatever reason, cannot file the reclaim again".

Read more:
    Daily Mail - Britons could reap Costa tax rebate
    The Times - Britons owed millions in compensation for discriminatory Spanish tax law
    The Daily Telegraph - British couples living in Spain
    The Independent - Britons win fight for fair tax after Spain charges them more than more than double
    Intasure - Spanish Capital Gains Tax Rebate

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New Cala D'or Health Centre

Cala D'or gets a new 1.3 Million Euro Health Centre

Cala d'Or and the the locality benefits from a recently opened Health Centre; the centre was opened by the Minister for Health (Vicenc Thomas) together with the local Mayor (Miquel Vidal) earlier this year.

The new centre cost almost 1,300,000 euros and replaces the older facility in Cala D'or, it will provide improved working conditions for medical staff and more comfort for patients.

The new facilities have been designed to cope with the greatly increased workload during summer months when Cala D’or accommodates many with tourists.

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Friday, 19 February 2010

Cala Mondrago nature reserve benefits from tree project

Mondrago Nature Reserve to benefit from tree planting project

The Mondrago Mallorca National Park is to benefit from a joint project between the Environment and Transport Minister (Gabriel Vicens) and Guillem Aulet (the head of private banking group La Caixa), to finance planting of trees on five separate tracts of land.

The plan is to plant about 600 trees, including almond, carob and fig, on public land in the Mondragó nature reserve as part of a scheme to recover the park’s agricultural heritage.

The scheme is just one of many organised by the joint venture to improve and conserve natural areas of the Balearic Islands, the planting work is to be carried out by long-term unemployed.

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Make the most of your holiday - With HOLIDAY WHAT´S ON

What's On - Events & Attractions on Mallorca

A great service offered by Majorca Daily Bulletin:
a free service for holiday makers and people planning to holiday on the island of Mallorca to provide details of events on & around Mallorca / Majorca that are planned or scheduled for the dates you request.

Extract from  their webpage:-
   Are you planning to come on holiday to Majorca this year?
   Let us at the Bulletin help you get the most from your holiday.
   Just send us the dates of your holiday and we will email you all the
   events which are taking place during that period; from markets to
   concerts andtraditional fairs Majorca has plenty happening and now
   you will be able to get advance notice.
  The Holiday What´s On is an exclusive service to Bulletin online readers.
  Click here for the => Holiday Mallorca - What's On Pages.

Simply send an eMail with your holiday dates to:

Information and holiday planning help & links provided by:
Casa Flores in Cala Egos, near Cala d'Or, Mallorca.
Find Casa Flores and
        Cala d'Or Holidays in Mallorca on Facebook

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Reasons to plan and book a D.I.Y. holiday

Reasons to plan and book a D.I.Y. holiday:

Deal with the owner:
By booking directly with an owner you get and can enjoy a more personal service. The owner will have a more detailed knowledge of the area and can offer a personal advice on how to make the most of your holiday when staying at their holiday homes. After all, who better to give advice on how to holiday in their property than the owner?

Good value for money:
Direct booking with the owner bypasses the agents, and their additional charges on top of the rental income, so you can save some costs.

More flexible:
You get much more flexibility when booking direct with the owner, your stay is less regimented than staying in a hotel. Generally most villas are self catered so you can eat what you like & when you like. Also, unlike a package tour, everything can be booked at your convenience, so you can choose the best flights and transfer time, often benefitting from the recommendations & advice of the property owners.

More spacious:
Private holiday villas or apartments give far more space and privacy, find a property just right for your holiday party and choose either a large single accommodation or several smaller apartments either linked or on the same complex.

Personal and bespoke holiday – just as you would choose yourself:
By choosing and booking your own holiday, you will get a holiday to suit your requirements exactly.

Contact links for direct holiday search websites:-
        The Holiday Let      >The Holiday Let - Directory of overseas property to rent<
        Perfect Getaways   >Perfect Getaways - Foreign holiday accommodation<
        FreeIndex               >FreeIndex - Advertising directory<
        Swap-and-Stay        >Swap and Stay - Owners holiday home exchange directory<
        Owners Direct        >Owners Direct - Villa and Apartment holiday rentals<

Or contact the owners of:
        Casa Flores, Mallorca.

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Friday, 15 January 2010

How to get the best holiday and excellent value

How to get the ideal holiday that is: "exactly what you want"  . . . . .

First Tip:
             Do It Yourself !
Package deals booked through your high street travel agent is certainly convenient, but unless you are fortunate and get a clearance bargain, they will be more expensive than doing it yourself.
Booking a package deal through an online agent may reduce the costs because you are not paying for their high street premises, but generally it will still be more expensive than doing it yourself.

Also, planning & researching your own holiday itinary & accommodation is good fun and more rewarding, to say nothing of getting exactly what you want, rather than getting what an average holiday maker wants.

Second Tip:
Start planning early -
 - flights usually start at their cheapest, so the sooner you book the
   cheaper they could be, sometimes flights when first released are as
    low as £9.99 per person !!!!
 - also accommodation choice is better
If planning to book for larger groups you have a better chance of getting larger & linked accommodation the earlier you start.
Often peak dates during July & August dates start being booked up in September & October the previous year.

Third Tip:
Find some privately owned accommodation, find out if the owner takes their holidays there themselves as there is a better chance it is well maintained and a 'home from home'.

General Planning:

Pick your preferred dates
Check flight costs & availability for your dates
Adjust the dates to take advantage of low cost flights

Don't forget to check mid-week flights.
Midweek flights are often cheaper than weekends, also consider taking holidays of 8, 9 or 10 nights, many private owners are happy to take bookings for odd periods allowing you to pick the cheapest flights.

Mix airlines for outbound & return flights.
It's also worth considering flying out with one airline and return with a different airline, frequently airlines have different pricing systems so select the cheapest combination of flights.

Contact the accommodation owner.
Check price & availability for your preferred dates, to assist in accurate quotes be prepared to provide:
 - preferred accommodation,
 - number of guests,
 - ages (if under 18),
 - plus any preferred requirements (eg. you need the sofabed, a cot, etc.),

Ask if the owner will hold the dates for 24 hours so you can confirm your flights.

Once your flights are 'in the bag', confirm the accommodation booking   - - -
   - - -   then start counting off the days to your holiday.

Fourth Tip:

As soon as your accommodation & flights are booked - start planning your transport.

Sometimes in peak summer hire cars can be hard to obtain, so don't leave it too long, if you plan to use a taxi pre-book it to get better rates than using the airport taxi rank - also a good idea if you want child seats.

Some holiday apartment owners have special arrangements with car hire & taxi firms, also some may be able to arrange transfers by private car or minibus at very competitive rates.

Sarah & Andy at Casa Flores use their own houses through the year so ensure they are managed & manitained to the highest standard; they have young children so know how to prepare 'child friendly' accommodation, toys & books are provided in a toy basket to help guest children settle in, cots & high chairs are also available.

Casa Flores accommodation overlooks the swimming pools so older children can be watched over without having to sit at the poolside.  Also the nearest pools have the shallow childrens section nearest the house & apartments so you are never too far from your accommodation while with your younger children.

Andy & Sarah started planning their own private holidays and have toured the Far East starting in Bejing China & travelled through Vietnam, Loas, Thailand & Hong Kong travelling by plain, train, cars, buses, taxis, boats & foot: so first hand they know how much more special a private planned holiday can be - moreover they know how easily achieved a personal & perfect holiday can be while being much more affordable than a package.

Contact Sarah and Andy via their Casa Flores website:
   ->Contact Andy & Sarah<-

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